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Whatever Your Game of Choice, You Can PLAY to End Cancer!

PvC needs your help.

Each day researchers around the globe work tirelessly toward new approaches to cancer prevention, treatments, and, ultimately, cures for ALL types of adult and childhood cancer. You can help to move their work forward. Pledge some of your game time to fundraising so that they can achieve their mission: ERADICATING CANCER.


Here are some resources to help guide you through fundraising with PvC:

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Do you want to raise money for lifesaving cancer research while streaming? We’ve got you covered.

Hit the button and you’re off to the races.


If you’re not a streamer and just want to donate to our mission to prevent and cure all forms of cancer, then punch it here:



Everybody loves swag! Raise $250 to get this slick t-shirt. According to Lego Batman, it works well in very, very dark gray. Raise $500 to fund lifesaving cancer research to get the t-shirt AND this stylish dad hat. Approved by dads everywhere!

hat shirt
Together We PLAY to End Cancer

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